Iffy calf

Had a calf niggle for the last couple of days, and achy ankles. Gonna try sleeping with the cheap compression tights on and take a week’s break from running. Not making the decision to commit to a series of runs any easier.

Now, the price jump on Friday. That’s another matter. That’s making committing this week a bit easier.

Gives me some more time to look at a training regime too.



Decision Time

Running a marathon is one of those things that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Not because I enjoy running (I surely don’t), but, like Edmund Hillary, more to ‘knock the bastard off’.

I’ve run a couple of halves in the past, a few years ago, but haven’t gone past 10k since, despite pretty consistently logging 20-25k a week. I’m not going to do this if I don’t commit myself and just jump in. I was going to do the Rotorua marathon at the beginning of May to force myself, but 2 months was probably leaving it a bit late with a fairly low weekly base.

Googling around, I found out there is a Taupo Marathon at the beginning of August. Much more sensible! Then I saw it’s part of a series of runs – more like it… A half (offroad) at the beginning of July, the Taupo full marathon (on road) at the beginning of August, and then a final full marathon offroad at Kinloch at the beginning of September.

Theory was to train for the middle one. The first half would be part of the training, and I could just jump the training back a couple of weeks to taper for the last one at Kinloch.

Seems like a waste to get to marathon level and then just run the one race!